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The Conservative Latina: Saying “Build The Wall” Got Me Silenced by FB and THREATENED by Leftists!

March 11, 2018

The Left continues to play identity politics and they continue to lose.  Eventually, the race card will expire, nothing will be left on the Left other than the bare bones of Leftism, which is deconstructionism, the root principle of critical theory.  Destruction for it’s own sake.  You would think that they would begin to change their strategy a little bit, but jeez, they just can’t take a hint.  Most people don’t want to be divided into victim groups. Sometimes, though, we get to play along.  Because, even with identity politics, Conservatives still win. 

Our Blacks are Better

Our Women are better

Our Trans Women are better

Our Gays are better

And in the age of “Build Bridges, Not Walls", 

Our Latinos are better.

So, Lefties, you want identity politics? Here it is. I have here before me, the kind of person Leftist hate the most. In the age of Trump, they are the most reviled and despised of all Trump Supporters….In Blacks Law Dictionary, next to the word Deplorable, there is a picture of a Conservative Latina…I have with me, THE Conservative Latina, Emma Jimenez Stock.

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