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Independence Day Special Pt. 1: Freedom vs Tyranny, with the RINOtracker, Chris Adamo.

July 3, 2015

The DM and Chris Adamo discuss SCOTUScare, SCOTUSmarriage, freedom, tyranny, the Revolution and our favorite subject, RINOs.  Join us for a Disgruntled Millennial Freedom 2015 Special

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident ofWyoming. He has participated in local and state level political campaigns, aswell as having written articles for regional and national print publications.For many years, he wrote a popular weekly column that appeared throughout theInternet. During the course of his political involvement, he came to therealization that liberalism is alive and well insideof the GOP, and it is there that it must be overcome if conservatism and theprinciples of America’s founding are to prevail in modern politics. It was forthis reason that he and Chip McLean established Rinotracker.us.




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