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A Christian Puts God On Trial. The Verdict: Jewish!

April 30, 2015

Jodell Onstott:

Socio-Biblical and historical research specialist, Jodell Onstott has authored five books. In addition to archaeological and biblical studies, Jodell's research reveals value-based principles that relate to politics and economics today. Jodell is a successful author, entrepreneur, business owner, and public speaker. She has been a frequent guest on the Jeff Couerre Show in New Orleans and the Morning Show on Hebrew Radio Nation. Books: YHWH Exists (vols. 1&2), comprises 15 years of ground-breaking research charting the archaeological, historical, and religious tenets for Ancient Israel and its implications for Judaism and Christianity. Archaeological, Historical, and Scriptural Evidence of the Exodus; Archaeological, Historical, and Scriptural Evidence of Israel's Conquest; and Archaeological, Historical, and Scriptural Evidence of Ancient Israel, demonstrate that the books of the Old Testament comprise more than literature, Scripture contains an actual and factual history.








http://www.jcpa.org/dje/articles2/deut-const.htm  (Deuteronomy as constitution)

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