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Holocaust Survivors Son: “Radical Islam are the New Nazis and want a New Holocaust.”

July 9, 2015

A special episode with the child of holocaust survivors, Rabbi Dr. Bernhard H. Rosenberg.  We discuss his new book, "Echos of the Holocaust," Radical Islam, The Left, Spineless Rabbis, Millennials, political correctness and a prescription to stave off another Holocaust.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard H. Rosenberg is RABBI EMRITUS OF Congregation Beth-El, Edison, New Jersey.

He received his ordination and Doctorate of Education from Yeshiva University in New York.  He also possesses A.A., B.A., M.A., and M.S. degrees in communication and education.  He possesses a Doctor of Divinity from The Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. He taught at Rutgers University in New Jersey and Yeshiva University in New York.

Rabbi Rosenberg’s book, “Theological and Halachic Reflections on the Holocaust” is now in its second printing.  He is the author of “A Guide for the Jewish Mourner”, “Contemplating the Holocaust”, “What the Holocaust Means to Me: Teenagers Speak Out” and “Thoughts on the Holocaust-Where Was God Where Was Man–Teenagers Reflect on Major Themes of the Holocaust and “The Holocaust as seen Through Film”. His newest book is “Public Speaking – A Guide for Study”. He recently received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Humanitarian Award.  He also received the Chaplain of the Year Award from The New York Board of Rabbis for his efforts during and following 9-ll. On June 10, 2002 Rabbi Rosenberg was presented with the annual Rabbi Israel Mowshowitz Award by The New York Board of Rabbis. Rabbi Rosenberg appears frequently on radio and TV and has published hundreds of articles regarding the Holocaust. For 6 years   and currently he serves on the New Jersey State Holocaust Commission.

 He published the Rosenberg Holocaust which can be found on holocausthaggadah.com