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The Kevin Jackson Show | August 30, 2017 | The Disgruntled Millennial Guest Hosts

September 1, 2017

“The Disgruntled Millennial” fills in for Kevin Jackson: FOX News Contributor, bestselling author, syndicated radio show host, nationally known speaker and a rising star in political circles.

8-30-17 – KJR – The DM Guests

H1S1 –  Growing Up in Multicultural, Leftist Miami

H1S2 –  Southern Hospitality and Misconceptions about The Deep South

H1S3 –  Confederate Monuments CAUSE Racial Intolerance and Violence

H1S4 –  Antifa vs. White Nationalists


H2S1 –  Jim Crow, Reparations and Free Speech

H2S2 – “Where are you from?” and other Hateful, Racist Questions

H2S3 –  On Behalf of All Black People…

H2S4 –  On Behalf of All White People…


H3S1 –  SJW Psychiatry: Trump and His Voters Are Literally Insane

H3S2 –  Salon: Trump Will Cause the Extinction of the Human Race

H3S3 –  Saying that “Trump is Insane” is Insensitive to the Mentally Ill

H3S4 –  Blaxploitation vs. “#OscarsSoWhite”


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