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Independence Day Special Pt.3: Engagement vs. Retreat, with Elliott Hamilton

July 3, 2015

The DM and Elliott "The Fighting Jew" Hamilton discuss Independence Day, Cuba, Iran, Russia, Putin, Israel and the annals US Foreign Policy.

Elliott Hamilton is a Writer,Researcher, and Associate Film Producer for Americans for Peace and Tolerance(APT). He is a graduate of Pitzer College. 

Elliott has been a Zionist for as longas he could remember, but became a proactive Zionist advocate eight yearsago to combat anti-Israel propaganda in his high school Model UN.He believes Israel is a light unto the nations and that it sets an examplefor democracy and for liberalism throughout the world. Jerusalem remainshis favorite place on earth.

Elliott has interned for the ZionistOrganization of America and for CAMERA. He blogs for The Times of Israel, has beenpublished in various other publications, including The Huffington PostTruth Revolt, JNS, and The Algemeiner. He is honored tobe a CAMERA Fellow, citing it as one of the best accomplishments of his lifethus far.  He will be a Writer and Researcher for Americans for Peaceand Tolerance starting in late May. Follow him on Twitter: @ElliottRHams

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