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Simon Roche: “Appropriation without Compensation.” South Africa goes full on racist.

March 8, 2018

Simon Roche and The DM discuss the recent SA Bill to steal land from whites and give it to blacks without compensation. Simon Roche is Head of the Office of the HQ of the world’s largest non-state civil defense organization, Suidlanders of South Africa. He was once an ANC (African National Congress) activist and he now works tirelessly to prepare for impending Race War in South Africa.  Simon lives in Johannesburg, the largest city in south Africa and he is currently on tour in the US to raise awareness about The Impending White Genocide in South Africa, which just one of the many global atrocities that comes about when unchecked Leftism reigns.

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EMAIL SIMON @ hk@suidlanders.co.za

READ MORE @ http://suidlanders.org/


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