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The Kevin Jackson Show | Sept.29, 2017 | The Disgruntled Millennial Guest Hosts

September 29, 2017

The Disgruntled Millennial” fills in for Kevin Jackson: FOX News Contributor, bestselling author, syndicated radio show host, nationally known speaker and a rising star in political circles. Anni Cyrus joins to discuss Islam and Womens Rights, Social Media Censorship.

H1S1 –  Weiner’s wiener

H1S2 –  Anthony Weiner CRIES for sympathy…no sympathy for his victims

H1S3 –  Feminism Is Bad for Girls, Disney: No Right Or Wrong

H1S4 – American Horror Story goes FULL ON SJW


H2S1 – The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

H2S2 – Leftists: Psychoanalyze A Stranger

H2S3 –  Body Positivity: A Feminist Construct

H2S4 – NFL Kneelers: You’re Fired!


H3S1 – White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

H3S2 – Jimmy Kimmel: Socialized Medicine or you hate my son!

H3S3 –. Anni Cyrus, Ex-Iranian Child Bride Censored for quoting Quran

H3S4 –. Anni Cyrus, Ex-Iranian Child Bride Censored for quoting Quran


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